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Here are photos from the tour, as well as the emotions that wanted to capture during your travels.

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Our camp - a unique plan map the location of all the facilities in the camp. Seen which you can navigate, where everything is.


Are you afraid that something would happen during the tour? Do not be afraid! Extreme tour will take care of that would make your stay was as safe as possible.


Interested in equipment for hiking and rafting, or if you have questions: what is and what to take with you? In this section, collected data on necessary things for each tour. As well as interesting articles on topics of equipment.

14 years in tourism

As a pioneer in the field of active and adventure tourism in Ukraine, we independently develop new tour programs and test them without using other people's achievements.


We always care about your health and safety. Our customer is always insured! We regularly raise the qualification of our guides and instructors through workshops, campaigns categorical organization and participation in competitions.


Мы по всей земле кочуем,
На погоду не глядим.
Где укажут, заночуем,
Ну и вкусно поедим.
Кариматы и штормовки
Для таких как мы бродяг,
Если вдруг инструктор скажет
Ляжем спать ... и на гвоздях.

Help if necessary

You will not be abandoned to fend for themselves on our tours. The instructor is always ready to help you! In stock it has a standard tourist First aid kit, which is part of our package in all rounds.

We - and the organizer, and performer

Our client does not go "hand in hand", eventually traveling with organizations that do not have a license and experience. We give only a pleasant experience!


Our camping and campgrounds are equipped with high-quality equipment: tents, kitchens, dining rooms, self-contained generator, staff tents, wash basins, WC and bath travel that will make a nice comfort in camp life, while not detracting from the communion with nature.


It consists of many different types of melting means manufacturers: kayaks, rafts, catamarans, canoes.

Good company

Vacationing always pleasant in large friendly company associates. Experience shows that people who decided to take part in the journey with the Extreme tour, come back good friends.

From active work to active holidays!

Active holidays – every time it is a new adventure. Extreme tourism organized by our company will bring your body in tonus and refresh your mind and will allow you to feel adrenalin injection and have a rest from everyday routine. With this type of tourism you will find something specific for yourself. Somebody likes hiking and trekking in Crimea and Carpathians, somebody enjoys extreme water tourism: river rafting with teambuilding.

Rafting Tours

image-mainWater Tourism is well developed in Ukraine and can provide you routes for different tastes and physical levels. After active day you can have a rest on the beach within steps to quiet splashes of water, have a dinner near fireplace, singing songs with guitar among friends. Rafting on the Dniester and the Southern Buh will test you will and endurance during passing river rapids of different levels.

Rafting on the Dniester is very popular due to unique and beautiful Dniester canyon, where you can see splendid wild nature. If you like rafting on the Dniester and you want to proceed with getting acquainted with Ukrainian rivers, we propose you to try kayak rafting on the Desna, the Teterev and the Sluch rivers.

Rafting is for the bravest who want to test their endurance and team work with teambuilding. Different routs can be chosen, most of them can be found in “Rafting on the Southern Buh” Tours. These tours are ideal for beginners and are made in the most interesting part of the river called “Migey rapids”.

The most extreme rafting is in Carpathians on the Cheremosh river among its beautiful banks on inflatable vessels (rafts, catamarans, kayaks, canoes) with many emotions from fight with water element. Together with rafting tours on weekends in Ukraine corporate adventures with teambuilding, rafting in Karelia, Caucasus, Altai and Kola Peninsula are becoming more and more popular.


image2Trekking is hiking on valleys and mountain tracks.

Trekking in the Crimea will help you to find many new sides of this fantastic and mysterious place.

Trekking in Nepal, mountaineering on Goverla or Elbrus are always fresh impressions and new adventures!

Weekend Tours in Ukraine

image-main3We offer active and extreme tours for different tastes and ages. You can choose any weekend tour you like – trekking, rafting, sailing, climbing, speleological and bicycling tours. Sightseeing tours will open from new side places like Lvov, Kamenets-Podolskiy, Ternopol, Transcarpathian. Any holidays you like: Journeys, Adventures, Expeditions!


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